About QG.

Founded in March 2016, the company has grown to become one of the leading real estate names in the country – real estate sales & marketing.

The goal of the company is to provide everyone access to quality, genuine and highly talented services, where the core value is to always serve each and every individual with quality and genuineness. In accordance to that, the company has begun expansions into the real estate education in the year 2017 and soon after ventured on to start QG Marketing Sdn Bhd. To further strengthen the ventures of the company, QG Holding was born in October 2018. In the 5 years since its establishment, QG Holding has ventured into the software & applications development industry as well as the media & production industry too.

Our wide range of professionals working in many of our company’s ventured niches has made us the #1 choice for many. We have ensured every employee of the company caters to the needs of every single one of our clients with full sincerity. Each and every client is served with maximum quality and genuineness.

Our company has a well-rounded range of expertise which include property development, real estate sales & marketing, software & applications development, teaching & education, media & production.

In the year 2022, QG Holding has begun its new venture as a Property Development Company. The company hopes to grow and expand into more niches in the future.

About Founder.

Kristina, Founder

I was born in 1984 into a low class family where my father is a taxi driver and my mother is a clerk.

During my childhood days ,I have witnessed my parents difficult life in earning a living for families. As young as 14 years old I know the importance of sale to any corporation in the world hence I started my journey explore sale by start selling to my classmate from secondary school up to my degree graduation.

During this journey i market a lot of products but I found Real Estate is the faster grow industry, but it’s very pity that this industry was misunderstand as an unprofessional profession by many Malaysian. This is from the past industry generation that do not have regulation like what we currently have. This have cause the new generation realtor have a very hard time to be successful due to mistrust and also market misunderstanding.

Hence in 2018, in order to return the professionalism to the industry ,I founded Quantum Group to provide education and knowledge to the next generation realtors so that we can once again provide professional real estate services to the market so that the customer can once again enjoy the best service for their properties with worry free.

This is not something that easy to accomplished ,but with the current 5G New Era it have make it a doable process.

I hope that QG Apps ,can be a reliable bridge between industry and customer by providing customer regulated standardised detail , information and statistics as well as platform that can solve all their properties sickness such as buying process, selling process, renting process as well as the maintenance of the property.

In the coming days ,I will dedicate myself to add in more service and data analyse through cooperating with multiple Vendors and platforms so that customer can enjoy “One Apps On Hand ; All Your Property Problem Solve”.

Finally to all realtors in the market there is no traditional platform only a traditional model. instead of trying to get more customer is better to let more customer come to you when they have the needs.

And to all customers, human can choose to made mistakes but data would not lie and system eliminate the misinformation and untrustworthy act.

Core Value

Accept Challenges
No Excuse

Accessibility to All

Empowering Southeast Asia Realtors

Providing Safety & Trust to the market